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Bulk SMS Company in Gurgaon

Bulk SMS

As a digital marketing company in Gurugram, we offer bulk sms services as well. We have different sms plans depending upon your business requirements. We create bulk sms campaigns for your business which gives you effective and desired results.

bulk mail marking company in gurgaon

SMS Templates

– Sms templates are the most important components of any sms campaign. In very limited words, we have to deliver the right message to the customers and hence we need to be careful while selecting our words. We create short and effective templates which give out all the details about your business in just few lines.

Sender ID Activation

We help in selecting a better sender ID for your sms. Sender ID gives an unique identification to your sms making it look lucrative.

Data Selection

We extract the relevant effective data as per your target location, product type and pricing. We have a strong database of huge data for different types of campaigns which is collected from selected people who are ready to share their details.

SMS Route

There are two routes in this, firstly, Promotional, which send the sms only to non dnd users and secondly, the Transactional route, which is used to send the sms to both DND as well as NON dnd customers. In the latter case, our team helps in filtering the data dnd and non dnd and then select different routes for your sms campaign that save you cost.


We generate regular reports which can study on your email or phone. So start your bulk SMS campaign with Shadow Technology today!

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