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Character Designing Company in Gurgaon

Character Designing

Strong characters are the foundations of every story whether in movies or in plays. Each character we see and observe has to have unique attitude, habits, way of speaking and such other characteristics. Our character designing team creates different and interesting characters with the help of tools like sketching, 3d modeling, Photoshop, clay modeling etc. They also give you a revisualization on your character will look etc. When it comes to defining their actions they make use of animations.

Character Designing company in gurgaon

Character References

In character references, we create sketches for each character, more particularly the front view and side view of the character. In case of live models we take a photo and then use it as reference. Based on the reference, then the live model is designed.

Character Modeling

In this we define the overall look of the character, his way and style of dressing etc. For this work we use multiple tools like Photoshop, 3D software’s, clay modeling and experiments on the live models. During this phase a live look on the model is defined.

Defining the Character

At this stage, the characterization of each and every character is done. This implies that the character’s way of talking and such other mannerisms are developed. In case of a negative or a criminal character, his mannerisms are developed accordingly. On the other hand, the mannerisms for a sportsman shall be developed differently.
So contact us for character designing.

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