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Website Designing Company In Gurgaon

Pre Production Company in Gurgaon

Pre Production

Pre Production stage is that part of movie making in which the foundation work relating to a movie takes place. Pre production is very important for all kinds of films and movies including, short movies, ad films, biography and feature films etc. We provide pre production services for all movies irrespective of its genre.

Pre Production company in gurgaon

Writing Services

Our writing services include story writing and script writing. Our writers have great experience in the art of storytelling. We look in to your requirements and then offer creative writing services for any type of movie or film.

Story Boarding

Story Boarding is very important before working on the actual sequences. In story boarding we convert the whole script into a rough idea of what is going on. Story boards are simple sheets where shots, sketches, dialogues, camera angles, sound and VFX short details are mentioned. When a director or camera man or any artist starts working, they have a work map in the form of a story board.


Characterization is an interesting piece of work, which requires a deep study about the concept. When we work on any type of movie we have to define the characters, their name, dressing style, habits and such other customizations. This all is done with the help of expert characterization artists. We show the character look in form of sketches, Photoshop and 3d modeling.

Shadow Technology is a platform where all your pre production requirements shall be taken care of under one roof. So Contact our production head for a project discussion TODAY!

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