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Mobile App Testing

At Shadow Technology we have an expert team of mobile app testers. If you are thinking of developing any type of mobile app, it is very important to test it properly before launching it in the market. It is not a good sign to launch an app in the market and then receive complaints from the end users. As the best app development and app testing company, we provide you with the best app testing services. We test the app on different parameters and make it ready for launching in the market. When you choose an app testing company it is very important to check the skills and expertise of the testing team as well as the availability of different testing tools at their disposal.

Mobile App Testing Company in

At Shadow Technology, we follow a detailed process when it comes to testing the app. This process includes the following:

  • Device Compatibility
  • Device compatibility is one of the major things which should be checked during app development. Our testing team tests the app on various devices in order to ascertain its screen compatibility as well as performance analyzing. We also use some automatic tools for this testing. The device compatibility test makes the app compatible across different platforms.

  • User Interface Testing
  • Another important feature which should be tested is the user interface. In this, we test the app from the point of view of a user to find out the possible issues if any. After this process, the app becomes very user friendly. What potential problems that a user could face, and what more features could be added in order to improve the app is done at this stage.

  • Features Testing
  • It is very important to have a thorough check of all the features of the application. If there is any issue in any feature, it can create lot of inconvenience to the user and can also result in the whole application failing drastically. Hence, in order to avoid this, our team of testing experts tests all the features of the application. This part of testing ensures that all the programming part is working perfectly in the application.

  • Security Testing
  • Security is a very important aspect in every type of application. Our security expert team tests the security of the application. We focus on data security, user privacy as well as all for the overall transaction security.

  • Network Compatibility Testing
  • Network compatibility is also very important in any application. It assumes more importance when the application has a wallet built-in, social media and/or calling application. We test the application compatibility with different networks in this process.

    Operating Systems which we cover

  • Android App Testing
  • iPhone App Testing
  • Windows App Testing
  • BlackBerry App Testing
  • Our mobile app testing experts detects all the potential issues which may be present in your application. We work on them and make it ready to use. The testing process also increases user experience as well as the performance of the application. Our experience team undertakes exhaustive checks for device compatibility, user experience, features and security parameters. We have all the latest tools and technology which are required for app testing. We not only test the app but also resolve the issue. For any type of app testing, contact us today!

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