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Story Boarding Services in Gurgaon

Story Boarding

Story Boarding is the process of graphic visualization or screen play of any video sequence. A detailed story board includes details of every single shot along with the dialogues, camera angles, vfx and duration of the shot. Such a story board acts as a site map for directors during shootings and for the producers it acts as a guidance document for estimating the costs of a project. But story board is not limited only to movies and can be used for various other purposes as well.

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Story Board for Movies

In movie making, story board defines all the details of a particular scene. Story boards help define the whole requirement of a scene.

Story Board for Corporate Planning

Story Board is also used for the corporate for defining their business strategy. It gives step by step navigation on how to execute and achieve their desired targets.

Story Board for Software Development

During the process of developing software, a story board makes it easy to understand all the requirements in relation to the software. It defines the work flow which becomes all the more clear to the developer to then understand what is expected from him. Story board helps in defining what actually is going on in each window.
Story Boarding is very important and useful in multiple fields like movies, animation, comics, business and technology. It saves both, time as well as money and at the same time increases the quality of work. So for a creative story board development, contact Shadow Technology right away!

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