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Production Services

Movies production needs lot of creativity along with a good team of experts. A good direction as well as a good production team can create good movies. Our company offers production services. We offer Pre-Production, Production as well as Post-Production Services. If you want to shoot any movie or a short film or video songs but don’t want to hire a regular team, then just outsource your work to Shadow Technology and we will take care of the rest. We offer high quality work with latest equipments and technology.

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3D Character Modeling

3D Characters are the very foundation of any animation or video sequence. We give you realistic as well as fictitious cartoons as well as other characters as per your needs and specifications.

Object Modeling

Object Modeling is very useful while creating VFX sequences or 3D sets. Now days, almost all the action movies use 3D sets which are designed with 3D objects. We offer realistic object modeling with high definition textures and lighting.


Texturing gives life to any character or object. However, one needs to have lot of technical expertise to be able to handle 3D designing and texturing. You should be able to create the UV maps, digital painting and possess good knowledge of colors. We, at Shadow Technology, offer 3D texturing services.

Rigging and Skinning

After modeling of a character, you have to complete the process of rigging and skinning. Rigging gives virtual bones to a character with controls while skinning helps to manage the weight of different joints of different body parts. Our expert rigging and skinning complete the character with rigging and skinning.

Lighting and Rendering

Lighting and Rending provide final touches to any project. In almost every type of animation lighting and rendering should be handled very carefully. While good lighting can make scene look attractive, bad lighting can spoil the whole thing. Both these things are interconnected. Our lighting and rendering team gives you attractive final touches as per the story board.

Video Editing and Composting

We also offer video editing and composting services. During video editing, we cut and paste the required parts. In video composting we merge two scenes in one scene and create a new scene. Video editing and composting may be required in many ways like to while shooting live as well as animated videos.

Visual Effects

Visual Effects are very important in movies. Such effects are used everywhere, whether in movies, or in advertisements, animation and even in TV serials. The scenes that we see on TV like those of bombasts, accidents etc are mostly created with the help of visual effects. Our VFX team gives you VFX with realistic quality.

All production services are related to one another. A good flow of all work gives good result. For a better character we need good modeling along with good texturing as well as good rigging. If the character modeler fails to keep the good flow of the character segment, it will be rejected by the rigging expert. In the same way, if textures are not proper, it can get rejected by the lighting team. So having a good and professional set of experts is very important.
Shadow Technology offers almost all services in relation to production. We have an in-house expert team which works tirelessly to give you the best results. We are here to make animated videos, 3D characters, video editing and composting with visual effects. Contact our team for more details.

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