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Pre Visualization (Idea to Implementation)

Pre Visualization

Shadow Technology offers creation of 2D as well as 3D animation services. You have any idea related to any product development, story, design or presentation, we help translating this idea visually. Where people cannot understand any idea written on a plain paper, it is usually when such an idea is presented on visually that it comes across more clearly to them. For this reason, visual presentation becomes important. This is why we create 2D and 3D animations for your presentation.

Pre Visualization company in

Preproduction (Pre Visualization)

When we start working on any idea, we undertake the pre production work. To put it in simple language, it is a map of the whole work which is going to take place. This process includes the following points:

  • Script Writing:
  • We write short scripts for developing the video. We break the entire story into a script. Once a script is prepared, timings, dialogues and other effects are developed subsequently. This script is then passed to the story boarding team.

  • Story Boarding:
  • Story Boarding is a process of defining each shot. In story board we make rough thumbnails of each shot and duration, dialogue, camera angle and other effects in minute details. A story board makes it very easy to work with animation and VFX team.

    Video and Animation (Production)

    During production stage, we create the characters, 3D sets and some real videos. In some cases we have to merge up the shot video with animated videos which is called video compositing. So based on the story board, the animation related work is completed.

    Post Production (Finalization)

    In the post production process, video editing and composting work is carried out. This is the time where sound effects, visual effects and other work gets taken care of.

    Visualization for Medical

    Medical animation is very effective in study and spreading awareness. This makes it easier for medical students to understand which body part works and how and how a particular medicine works on the body.

    Architect Visualization

    When architects work on a design, it can become very hard to describe it to the clients in simple language. Not every client will be in a position to understand sketched lines. So in such work our team presents the visualization of the whole project based on the drawings.

    Visualization in Research and Development

    When scientists work on the creation of any new technology or products, they have to visualize it. Making real models for the project can become very expensive as well as time consuming. During the process of conducting Research & Development work, it is always a good idea to re-visualize the project. In some big projects it is not possible to spend huge money over dummy models and again in such a case, visualization comes as a handy yet effective option.

    Visualizations for Events

    Event management is a very creative work, where we have to plan according to the available space and resources. Pre Visualization of the event could save a lot time during site work and it also give a chance to make the list of all things and props which will be required. So start you visualization work with Shadow Technology. Our trained and experience team offer the best visuals for you project. Contact us for more details.

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