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Website Designing Company In Gurgaon

Mobile App Performance Testing Company In Gurgaon

Mobile App Performance Testing

Mobile App performance testing provides you with all round solutions with regard to the performance of the app. When we talk about the app performance, it is very important to check all the supporting processes which are or may be connected with it. If the data on your application data is not properly structured, then it may result in the application functioning slowly. The experienced team of Shadow Technology performs checks for the response time, background transactions, and errors along with all db operations. In case there is any bug, we resolve that.

mobile app performance testing company in gurgaon

Application Monitoring

Application monitoring is a testing process where we test all used application behavior.

  • Java Application monitoring checks all the performance issues related to the database, services and/or browser activities.
  • In .Net application monitoring we troubleshoot all performance related issues which application may be facing.
  • Ruby Application monitoring takes care of performance related issues like slow database queries and background services.
  • Php Application monitoring resolves issues relating to Php coding.
  • Besides this, we also monitor the application on cloud platform, real users, android as well as IOs platform.
  • Application Performance

    Application performance is a combination of different things like tracking the response time of the application, resolving slow queries, tracking the customer application components. All these all activities combined results in the increase of the overall performance of the mobile application.

    Shadow Technology has strong experience in mobile app performance testing services. Our team of testing experts is committed to give you high end user experience on all devices and platforms.

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