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Animation Services in Gurgaon

Animation Services

Animation is a very creative and funny way to express your imagination. Now a day animation is used on a large scale for advertisement, movie making and corporate presentation. Shadow Technology has a creative team of animators. We offer animation for various purposes.

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2d Animation:

2d animation is also called two-dimensional animation. This type of animation is done using sketches or 2d flash software. It may be very useful for interactive 2d presentation, 2d cartoons or any movie. 2d Animation is not much attractive but it is cost efficient and quick to make.

3d Animation:

3d Animation is very popular and is used by every advertisement and movies. This is also used on a large scale for project presentation and pre-visualization. We offer 3d animation services where we use latest software like 3d Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3d Max, Mudbox, Z Brush, etc. 3d Animation gives attractive quality and is costly. It is generally a time taking process.

Stop Motion Animation:

Stop Motion Animation is used by frame animation, where we create realistic physical characters and sets. The frame of the frame movement of the characters is captured in the camera. When we play it in a sequence, it seems animating.

Motion Graphics Animation:

Motion Graphics animation is similar to Stop Motion but this type of animation uses only graphics. Graphics are used in such a way that it attracts the viewer. Stop Motion animation are coast efficient than any other animation methods.

Industrial Animation:

Industrial Animation is used for industrial business purposes. Mostly in construction industry and medical education, this is used on a large scale. Apart from business, it is used for the presentation of your idea. Sometimes it becomes very hard to explain an idea. At that point animation makes the work very simple.

Promotional Animation:

Promotional Animation or Advertisement Films specially work for business advertisement. When we present any product or service with funny animated characters, it becomes very attractive. Another benefit of animated ad films is that, it is cheaper than real ad films. You don’t need to hire any celebrity or don’t need to permit for shooting. Nearly 80% of the TV ads that we see on the media use the 3d animation. Generally ads use the unrealistic content that is possible to make with animation.

Animation Consulting Service:

We also offer animation related consulting. Suppose you want to start any project related to animation. Or you have an idea but don’t know how to implement it. Then just contact us. We will guide you. We introduce you with all the processes and show you the live projections.

Animation is useful for various purposes. It is used for entertainment, presentation and education. But before starting any animation project you should hire an expert. Shadow Technology‘s expert animation team explain and guide you all about animation process and how should we process a project. Contact to our creative production head for any animation project discussion. We are using latest tools and technology for better results.

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