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Stop Motion Animation Company in Gurgaon

Stop Motion Animation

Stop Motion is a creative and a little different type of animation. In stop motion there is less use of software. In this animation we create the physical character from clay modeling, wax or any other type of physical makeup. The pre-production process of Stop Motion is same but Modeling and Animation are different. After character modeling these animated frames are framed manually and all this is captured in a camera. After capturing all the shots, these are edited and composed. Stop Motion is used for military planning, medical project and entertainment videos.

stop motion animation company in gurgaon

There are many stop motion movies but now these are out of the trend. But some people still want stop motion animation for some special reasons. In stop motion movies you need less practice on computer. This is one benefit of stop motion. King Kong, Chicken Run, The Nightmare are some popular stop motion movies.


Stop Motion is beneficial because it is not too much costly. There are many outsource software to work on it. Besides it gives you an idea of real time experience, due to the use of realistic characters.


In the same way there are some disadvantages too. The hardware arranging becomes tough and it gives you large number of data. When we get any error or wrong shot in this, it becomes very hard to retake the shot. If we are keeping all the shots, then it becomes difficult to store the data. For any type of Stop Motion movies we are here to help you. Our creative team gives the best animation that you want.

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