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Lighting and Rendering Services

Lighting and Rendering

In 3D production, every work is done according to a fixed pipeline. After Modeling, Texturing, after that comes Rigging, then Skinning, then Animation, then Lighting, ending with Rending. This is the flow which is normally followed although some production houses adopt different methods. When we talk about lighting and rending, both are connected with each other. In lighting process we create the lights are per the requirement of the scene.

lighting and rendering company in gurgaon

If there is any night scene, then all the lightings in that scene are done accordingly. The reflections, shadows are all adjusted accordingly. Likewise, if we have any day scene, such a scene will require different set of lighting. So in lighting we create the lights as per the story board requirement. When we create lights in the software, it doesn’t look the same as it appears to be on the software. So for testing the output we have to check it on the render.


Rendering is one of the most complex processes in animation. In big projects we have to render it layer wise, with different layers for different components. We divide these layers in bg, animation, lighting, shadow and reflections layers. In some cases there may be more layers than these while in some there can be less. All these layers form part of the video composting. We offer best experts and hardware for rendering.
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