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Website Designing Company In Gurgaon

3d Gaming Character designing Company in Gurgaon

3d Gaming Character designing

Characters are the most important part in 3d gaming. It is the characters that make the game users excited. Our expert 3d character designers create the characters that you want. Our team creates the low poly characters for your game engine.

3d gamming character designing company in gurgaon

Gaming Character Modeling

Gaming character modeling includes modeling the character. Our team creates realistic or cartoonish characters as per the requirement. We keep it as per the standard of the gaming platform. In situations with a special type of requirement our team discusses with you and only then creates the character as per your specifications. Mostly, low poly characters are required in 3d gaming.

Character Texturing and Clothing

Clothing and texturing is another important part of the gaming character. Our graphics designing team creates the creative graphics for the characters, while clothing team creates the poly cloths for the characters. If you are going to use N-cloth for the character we also provide N-cloth clothing.

Character Expressions

Character Expressions are the most important part of the game, which excites the game users. For perfect expressions we use morphing of the character, where we give different expressions like, smile, laughter, anger, sadness and many more. Out team has good experience to give better expressions as per the story board requirement.

So there are many things that make a perfect character. But 3d gaming characters are not easy to make. It needs more specifications as per the gaming engine. Before working on 3d gaming you should have perfect modeling team and we provide the same to you.

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