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Texturing and Materialing Services

Texturing and Materialing

Texturing is to fill the models not only with attractive colors but also with different color patterns. Every surface has some properties, different color type and surface. In the same way, even textiles come in diverse colors and patterns. Likewise, even wood have different colors and surfaces. The first step in texturing is to properly define the type of surface and colors. The properties of the objects are defined with the help of materialing process.

Texturing and Materialing company in gurgaon

We create different color shades for different characters and different mapping like bump mapping and materials used for different types of objects etc in which various types of materials like solid, rough and metals are used.

Graphics for Texturing

Texturing cannot be complete without creative graphics. Our graphics designing team design attractive graphics for texturing work. These graphics are matched with the UI which is exported from the 3D software’s. Customized shapes, logos, live photos editing and digital painting are all used in Graphics work.

Materialing and UV Mapping

In this, we have to choose different materials according to the type of the product that we need to design. Everything requires different type of materials like wood, stone metals, which again require the work of an expert in order to get the desired output. In the same way for each object and character we have to fix the UV maps of these. UV maps work as a texture map, these places the texture on the exact place and avoid the texture from stretching and overlapping.
If you have any mapping and/or materialing work, please feel free to contact our expert team TODAY!

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