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Website Designing Company In Gurgaon

Marketing Campaign Creation Company in Gurgaon

Marketing Campaign

When we talk about digital marketing, we need an expert team who knows how to create digital marketing campaign. For having a result oriented campaign, we have to analyze large stock of data which include business study, market research, product or services study, analyzing the tools, budget and desired target to achieve. Our digital marketing team offers you sharp result oriented campaigns.

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Types of Campaigns

  • Search Engine Campaigns
  • When we want to advertise on different search engines, we have to create an account on search engine which is called as an ‘adword account’. When we create this account we have to fill data which is or can be recognized by the search engine’s software. Our keywords, biding price, budget and conversion are some of the major points to consider in this. We create a result oriented campaign for you and regularly optimize it to maintain the performance graph. To know more about search engine campaign click here.

  • E-Mail Campaign
  • E- Mail marketing is a very effective and cost efficient option. But during e-mail campaign creation you should know about different templates, text and which type of offers are to be pitched to the customers etc. Besides this, there are many technical points like giving hyperlinks, inquiry forms, and creation of lists, auto scheduler and reports which is setup and installed by an expert. Our team of experts can also do it for you, to know more about e-mail campaign click here.

  • Social Media Campaign
  • Social Media campaigns like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are very effective. But these campaigns should be set up with the help of proper graphics, text articles and timings. Shadow Technology offers its expert help on this for your business.

  • Bulk Sms Campaign
  • Most of you know how to access the internet. However, there are still many people who neither know about the internet nor are they able to access it on regular basis. So now the point is how to reach to those people. The solution is through sms marketing campaign. People can access the information instantly. We create sms marketing campaign on the basis of verified data only.

    Subscription Management

    When you start any blogging site or any informative product or service like news paper or political page, you need to get good number of subscribers. But this can be done when we have expert for this, who could create such content and tools which can help and attract many people. We do this for you.

    Online Reputation Management (ORM)

    ORM is very popular in this age of internet when you start any business or online website and when you need to interact with your customers online. Based on feedback of the visitors, referrals coupled with the response to your product or services, we help in creating a good rapport of your business where we make use of blogging, discounts etc.

    Shadow Technology is the one name if you are looking for Marketing Campaign Creation Company in Gurgaon.We can create awesome marketing campaigns for you.Shadow Technology is ready to fulfill all your needs relating to Digital Marketing and as well as Online Campaign creation. For you business promotions, contact us, we will be happy to help you.

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