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PPC Campaign

Pay Per Click or PPC is part of digital marketing. It is a very fast result provider. As a PPC Company in Gurgaon, we create and manage your ppc campaigns.We provide return of investments of PPC services in Delhi-NCR.In the process of creating a campaign, we should know have requisite knowledge about a good search engine, what should be added, grouping, daily budget and which extensions we should make use of. Thus, there are many things which Shadow Technology takes care for your business needs.

ppc company in gurgaon

Search Engine PPC

Different search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing offer search engine ppc and display network ppc. These days, these companies also provide product based stores. When we create campaigns for your busienss on these search engines we are responsible for-

  • Creating effective add groups or banners.
  • Maintaining the CTR ratio.
  • Maintaining the conversion ratio.
  • Managing Pay Per Cost (PPC).
  • Increasing the number of inquires; and lastly,
  • Proving relative landing pages.
  • Social Media PPC

    Social Media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter also offer ppc. When we log in to our profiles, we see many sponsored ads which are managed from the ppc accounts. We create your ppc account, banners, offers, budget, location and then help in maintaining it. So chose Shadow Technology for a quick PPC campaign.

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