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Website Designing Company In Gurgaon

Industries We Work For

Shadow Technology is working for various industries for a different type of software requirement. As an expert software development team, we have a wide range of software solutions for healthcare, hotel, education, construction, IT and automobile industry. As per the standards, every industry has a different need for software development. Some companies need the software in the form of ERP or Management while some need it as a designing software, online tracking software, etc. We are working on a C, C++, Java, .Net, PHP and many more languages and frameworks.

Software Development Company in

Software for Healthcare Industry

For the healthcare industry, we are offering ERP software development, CRM software development, and custom Web Based software for health care on software maintenance. Besides all this we are also providing custom software’s for health care, custom software might be used for any type of requirement.

Software for Educational Institutes

Nowadays management becomes difficult without any proper software for education. The educational software helps in scheduling teacher’s lectures, students’ performance, and fees. And the big portals where thousands of applicants appear in the exam, all this is also tracked by the advance software. The education software makes it with ERP, CRM, Online Exam System, Grading System, Fee Management, Library Management Etc.

Software Development for Automobile Industry

Automobile industry needs various types of software. They need custom designing software, software for new invented mechanisms, software for management. We are offering you many kinds of ready-made software and custom software for different requirements. Our team is trained well and is experienced in developing software in an excellent manner.

Software Development for E-Media

The e-media platforms like TV channel and production companies need an advanced software development. The big companies have their framework for movie making and team management. Every product, company and TV channel need some software; all this software could be developed by the expert software development team. Our team is offering various ERP, CRM, a production framework for video editing and compositing, plug-in development and security software development. We also help you to build an online distribution center for movies or songs.

Software for IT Companies

IT companies need the collection of different software. They need various system drivers, a driver for newer devices, security systems, operating systems and many more. We do all these things of software development work for you. Shadow Technology is offering security system development, drivers, plug-ins, CRM and ERP system development. If you are thinking to start some server related business for domain and hosting or server provider solution, you need an expert team of the developer who could develop such system for you. Shadow Technology is offering all these services.

The software is required in every business and industry, but you should have advanced software that matches with your requirement. An expert software development team makes it possible. Shadow Technology is offering from small to complex software development services for different type of requirement. Contact us for a project discussion.

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