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Rigging and Skinning Services

Rigging and Skinning

In the field of animation, rigging and skinning are two techniques which are used to make any object or character ready for animation. Till the time we don’t rig a character and do proper skinning, it won’t look real. We offer the following rigging and skinning services:

rigging and skinnig company in gurgaon

Character Rigging

When we create a character in 3D software, it is only in mash form which we get after modeling. But in order to make it moveable, we need to undertake the process of rigging. Rigging works as the bones in body. When a rigging artist works, he makes the whole skeleton structure with controls, which is referred to as rigging. We currently offer human character rigging, animals rigging as well as insect rigging.

Objects and Vehicles Rigging

When we want to use animation for any car, bike or such other vehicle, it requires rigging. Rigging controls all the movements in an object. Our creative team is well versed with all types of rigging.


When we rig a character, every joint requires some mass on it. This implies that if we are placing a joint in the knee, it should control the knee movement. In technical language, such a joint defines that some mass to the mesh located near the knee joint, but sometimes takes the mass of other joints from that of the shoulder or the neck etc. What happens subsequently is that when we move this knee joint, the other body part also get affected and the skin of those parts begin to stretch. In such a case, skinning helps in managing this entire mass.
So at Shadow Technology we provide with high quality rigging and skinning services all under one roof!

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